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Special Events Application


  1. 1. Special Event Notices and Acknowledgement
  2. 2. Special Event Application
  3. 3. Indemnification and Reimbursement Agreement
  • Special Event Notices and Acknowledgement

    1. Compliance Acknowledgement*

      Applicant shall comply with all applicable City, county, state, and federal laws, ordinances, codes, conditions, regulations, and requirements. The City will notify you should City staff, equipment, and/or vehicles be required to ensure the safety of participants, minimize the inconvenience to our residents, ensure the success of the event, and reduce the public liability exposure to the sponsoring organization or individual as well as the City. All City personnel involved in the advance of, during the day(s) of the event, and after the event may be charged back to sponsoring organization or individual. The Special Events Permit is non-transferrable and can only be used on the designated dated and times. The permit may be required to be posted on site during the event. The City of Waukegan reserves the right to suspend, cancel, or reschedule events.

    2. Ordinance Review Compliance*
    3. Important Dates*
      1. Applications for 2023 will be accepted starting 01/09/2023.
      2. Applications for 2024 will be accepted starting 01/08/2024.
      3. The application may be submitted as early as 01/09/2023 but no later than 30 calendar days prior to the event.
      4. Payment does not guarantee approval