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  1. Application for Solar Permit
    The undersigned owner or agent, hereby apply to the Building Department of Waukegan Illinois for a permit to install a solar energy system of part thereof hereinafter described, and if granted the permit applied for. I will comply with all of the requirements of the city ordinances relating thereto and pay the fees required by said ordinances. The building or structure is (or is to be) used for the purpose of (check one):
  2. Property Description*
    Please check one box that applies to the location of work you are applying for
  3. Property address of where work will be performed
  4. Type of work to be conducted including materials, measurements, and location
  5. The items are more fully set forth in the plans submitted with this application. The total cost, as estimated, of the work contemplated, includes all the branches of labor, all materials, all appurtenances, and all other necessary expenses to completely erect, alter, construct or enlarge the building. Such cost is itemized as follows:
  6. Total construction value of job to include materials and labor
  7. Phone Number
  8. Terms
    Prohibited Occupancy Kitchens, nonhabitable spaces and interior public areas shall not be occupied for sleeping purposes. Basements, as those are defined in the Property Maintenance Code, shall not be occupied for sleeping purposes, nor shall they be used as dwelling units. Attics in all structures, which do not meet the ceiling height requirements of Section 404.3 of the Property Maintenance Code, shall likewise not be used for sleeping purposes, nor shall they be used as dwelling units. This prohibition shall not apply to areas in structures which are originally as-designed and built raised-ranch, tri-levels, garden apartments, and the like, where such original design includes bedroom(s) which are located partly below grade. Application for Certificate of Occupancy and conformity of premises The undersigned owner(s) of the herein described property and buildings thereon, hereby applies for a certificate of occupancy of said building(s) and premises and hereby agrees not to occupy it/them until certificate of occupancy has been granted. No error or omission in either the plans or application, whether said plans and application has been approved by the building department or not, shall permit or relieve the applicant from constructing the work in any other manner than that provided for in the ordinances of this City, relating thereto. The owner, having read the application for the building permit and for certificate of occupancy and having checked the plat plan hereon shown and fully understanding the intent thereof, declares that the statements made and the drawings shown are true to the best of his or her belief.
    NO CONSTRUCTION SHALL BE STARTED UNTIL PERMIT IS ISSUED MUST SCHEDULE REQUIRED INSPECTIONS Do not sign unless you have read and checked this application and everything is complete.
  10. Contractor Information
    All contractors will have to submit a proposal signed by the homeowner, Manufacturer specifications, plat of survey, elevation drawing, and structural report.
  11. Applicant must upload a copy of the signed contract between property owner and contractor. Owner's will be required to submit a materials list or scope of work.
  12. To upload multiple documents use "CTRL" and select
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    By clicking on 'Electronically Sign' below, you understand that an electronic signature is taking place and you intend to be bound by and authenticate this electronic record and attest to the statements contained within, and that you understand that submitting another individual's electronic signature or attesting to false statements in an electronic record is a false statement that is punishable as unsworn falsification under AS 11.56.210; is an offering of a false instrument for recording that is punishable under AS 11.46.550; and may constitute other crimes such as perjury, theft, attempted theft, criminal mischief, forgery, criminal impersonation, scheme to defraud or criminal use of a computer; or other criminal offenses under state, municipal, or federal law.
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