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Building Permits

  1. Cost Breakdown and Contractor List

    Breakdown by trade for multi trade projects/new construction

Business License Forms

  1. Emergency Keyholder Information - Fire Department

    In order to provide effective and efficient Fire and Paramedic Assistance, it is important for us to have current business and... More…

Code Enforcement

  1. Code Enforcement Complaint Form

    The Code Division of the Building Department is responsible for private property maintenance in accordance with the City of Waukegan... More…


  1. Block Party Application

    Block Party applications must be received at least 30 days prior to the block party date.

  2. Event Vendor Registration

    To register your event vendor, please complete this form. ATTENTION: This business is not approved until payment is received and... More…

  3. Online Raffle Sales Application

    The fee for a one-time raffle is $25 per calendar year. The fee for a multiple date raffle is $50 per calendar year. The online... More…

  1. Event Questions

    Use this form if you have questions for our Special Events team.

  2. Film Production Application
  3. Special Events Application

    Applications for 2023 will be accepted starting 01/09/2023. Applications for 2024 will be accepted starting 01/08/2024. The... More…

Financial Services

  1. Food and Beverage Tax Return Form

    Monthly/Quarterly report submitted to Business Licensing for Food and Beverage Tax.

  2. Terminal Operator Push Tax Return

    Pursuant to Ordinance 20-O-28

  3. Vendor Registration Form

    This form allows for vendors to register with the City of Waukegan online.

  1. Hotel Motel Room Use Tax Return

    Pursuant to City of Waukegan Ordinance #81-0-135

  2. Terminal Operator Registration

Licensing and Collections

  1. Business has Closed

    This form allows a license holder to report a business no longer in operation.


    Please fill out the section that has changed in your business

  3. Rental Information Update

    This form will be used to update rental license information.

  1. Business Information Update

    This form will be used to update business license information.

  2. Property No Longer Rental

    This form allows a license holder to report a property no longer being in use for rental.

Water Department

  1. Water Account - Change Address

    Address Change for Water Utility Account.

  1. Water Disconnect and Final Reading Request

    This form will process a request to disconnect water service and retrieve a final water meter reading for a final water bill. Requests... More…