What are the loud music laws?
This is our City Ordinance:

Sec. 11-34. Excessive noise; penalty.


No person shall play, use, operate or permit to be played, used or operated, any radio, tape recorder, cassette player, compact disc player, mp3 player or other device for receiving broadcast sound or reproducing recorded sound if the device is located on the public way or in any motor vehicle on the public way if the sound generated by the device is audible at a distance of 50 feet or more from the device.


No person, for purposes of entertainment or communication may generate any sound by any means that it is audible at a distance 50 feet or greater from the point of generation.


This section shall not apply to any of the following:


Sound generated in conjuncture with a city-sponsored event;


A person participating in a parade, public assembly or athletic event for which, a permit has been obtained pursuant to chapter 15, article V of this Code;


An emergency warning device or alarm sounded for emergency purposes;


Sound generated between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. in construction, demolition or repair work;


Sound generated in construction, demolition or repair work of an emergency nature or in work on public improvements authorized by a governmental body or agency;


Sound generated by an aircraft or generated in connection with the operation of any airport; and


Sound generated by church bells.


The penalties for violating sections 11-34(a) and (b) shall be as follows:

8:00 a.m.—8:00 p.m. .....$150.00

8:00 p.m.—8:00 a.m. .....$300.00

Each additional offense shall incur an additional penalty of $100.00 per occurrence.

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