Urban Pollinator Conservation

Native pollinator communities - like bees, butterflies, birds - are critical to healthy natural ecosystems and the production of the food we eat everyday. Many pollinators are declining drastically due to the urbanization, agricultural practices, the effects of climate change, and more. We, as a city, can do a lot to help save pollinators by simply creating and protecting habitat across Waukegan. This means putting habitat along our roads, in front of our buildings, in our backyards, and more. Pollinator gardens consist of native flowers and nesting materials such that pollinators can grow and thrive in an urban area like Waukegan. These gardens are colorful, biodiverse, and resilient. Not only do they make pollinators happy and healthy, but they store carbon in their roots, manage stormwater, and clean our air! They are an example of a nature-based solution to climate change.

Help us save the pollinators in Waukegan! Navigate this page to learn more on how you can plant your own pollinator garden and initiatives the City is taking to save pollinators.