The City of Waukegan CDBG office has funding available to assist income eligible Waukegan resident with rehabilitation to their homes. The programs available includes both emergency repairs and substantial rehabilitation. Emergencies are addressed immediately. Emergency assistance is provided for residents having problems with their homes that relate to health and safety issues. Included in this category are items such as: dangerous electric installations, inoperative or dangerous furnace, leaking roofs, waste (sewer) lines that are collapsed or don’t drain,  water supply lines that no longer provide water to in-house fixtures.

The Substantial Rehabilitation Program addresses substandard single family, (NO TWO - FLAT HOUSING UNITS) owner-occupied units by bringing the units up to local building code. Substantial rehab is addressed as an applicant’s name comes up on the CDBG Waiting List. Individuals are qualified through a process established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the local CDBG guidelines. First, individuals in need of assistance must submit a Housing Rehab Pre-Screening Intake Form which is also available in the CDBG Department located in Waukegan City Hall on the 3rd Floor). Once the applicant’s name has reached the top of the waiting list, a full application will be mailed to the applicant.

CDBG staff will review it to determine an applicant’s eligibility.
Rehab Program Qualifications:
- Waukegan Resident
- Income Qualified
- Owner Occupied (at least 1 year)
- Must live in residence (applicant cannot own any other property)
- Payments must be current on Mortgage, Property Taxes, and Homeowner Insurance

If you meet all of the qualifications, you maybe approved for a no interest deferred loan. Payment is not due until the sale of the property or refinancing (depending on terms and conditions of the loan). Repayment after 5 years is reduced to 50% percent of the deferred loan. Proof of homeownership, income, mortgage and property insurance is required at time of application.


The effective date is Effective 5/15/2023.

            FY 2023 Median Family Income: $ 112,300

Family SizeExtremely Low Income 0-30% MFIVery Low Income 31-50% Income MFILow Income 51-80% MFI
1Up to 23,20023,201-38,65038,651-61,800
2Up to 26,50026,501-44,15044,151-70,600
3Up to 29,80029,801-49,65049,651-79,450
4Up to 33,10033,101-55,15055,151-88,250
5Up to 35,75035,751-59,60059,601-95,350
6Up to 40,28040,281-64,00064,001-102,400
7Up to 45,42045,421-68,40068,401-109,450
8Up to 50,56050,561-72,80072,801-116,500

We are here to assist you. If you have question regarding the program, please feel free to contact our office at (847) 599-2530.