File an Online Police Report

The Waukegan Police Department now allows citizens to file some reports online. Please see the instructions below to see if you can use this option.
DO NOT make an online report if there is evidence to be collected. Call 847-360-9000 to make all other reports.

You must be 18 years or older to make an online report.

 To make an online report, see the instructions below:
Incident Type Definition Examples
Abandoned Vehicle Motor vehicle that is in a junked, wrecked, partially dismantled, inoperative or abandoned condition, whether attended or not, or parts thereof, upon any part of any street or way within the city at any time. Vehicle has not been moved for 7 or more days. Vehicle is missing 1 or more tires. Vehicle does not have valid registration. Vehicle that is a safety hazard.
Accidental Damage to property/Auto Property sustains damage via an act that was not intentional. Tree falls on car. Car door dent in a parking lot.
Criminal Damage to property/Auto When a person damages public or private property. Throwing rocks through a window, knocking over a mailbox, “keying” a cars paint.
Lost property Property is lost or missing. Leaving items in a restaurant or missing from home.
Theft When a person takes your property without permission. This does not include someone physically taking something from your person by force, fear, assault, threats or use of a weapon. Any items that are stolen. Failure to pay a cab fare. Failure to pay for a meal.
Shoplifting When a person steals inventory from a licensed retail business. Incidents are to be reported by the business owner or agent for the business. This does not include amounts disputed between customer and the business. Any item stolen from a retail business.
Vandalism/Graffiti/Defacement of property When a person alters or defaces public or private property. Knocked over lawn decorations. Spray paint graffiti.
Unlawful communication/Harassment by phone or other means of communication A person contacts you repeatedly or bullies you by phone, email, social media, etc. Unwanted phone calls, text messages, or emails of an annoying, harassing or threatening nature.
Vacation house check Request for the police to walk around your house and check the security, while you are out of town.  
Make a report using your mobile device or computer.
To make an online police report, click HERE.