The North Lakefront

North Lakefront Map

The North Lakefront represents a long-term, legacy project for the city. It is the city's greatest open-space resource, and is a unique geological, environmental and ecological feature. The long-term vision for the North Lakefront is to return it to its former natural magnificence while accommodating existing long-term land uses.

The vision for the North Lakefront includes protecting and enhancing existing natural amenities and the creation of the Waukegan Moorlands. This extensive open-space area will restore historic wetlands while providing recreation trails and wildlife habitat. As the Moorlands are implemented, the City will work with Midwest Generation and North Shore Sanitary District to create a continuous open-space system that incorporates private and public land.

In addition, access to the lake will be improved, the beach areas will be connected with bike and pedestrian trails, and a proposed city park will be initiated.

Waukegan possesses a natural environment that exists in very few places in the world. This environment, characterized by a freshwater "dune and swale" system adjacent to an upland bluff and ravine system, can be seen in an almost pristine condition in Illinois Beach State Park immediately to the north of the project area. The fundamental landscape initiative of the plan is to acknowledge, enhance and expand this environment by building on Waukegan's remaining ecological assets and strengthen connections to Illinois Beach State Park.