The South Lakefront

The South Lakefront development district represents a near-term opportunity for Waukegan. Currently comprised of abandoned or under-utilized parcels, the South Lakefront offers outstanding lake frontage. This 125-acre district will offer approximately 80 acres of development land.

The lake edge will be returned to the citizens of Waukegan as a permanent, public lakefront park. Immediately adjacent to this park will be a new southerly extension of Pershing Road, forming a new "Lakeshore Drive" for Waukegan that will unite the entire lakefront. The third component of the South Lakefront district will be a new 50-acre new residential and small-scale commercial neighborhood. The residential component will consist of single-family housing, townhomes and stacked flats that complement Waukegan's traditional neighborhoods. Neighborhood commercial uses, such as small convenience stores or dry-cleaners, will form focal points within the larger residential area.

South Lakefront Drawing