Downtown Waukegan

Genesee Theatre Drawing

Waukegan Ravine Drawing

Strengthening Downtown is the first step in the transformation of the Downtown and the Lakefront. By taking advantage of existing infrastructure, approximately 25 acres of vacant land and under-utilized buildings are available for immediate development. The vision for Downtown is to complement the city's existing cultural and institutional assets with expanded retail, residential, office, and specialty uses. This dynamic mix of uses will create a Downtown that is lively and active throughout the day, into the evening, and on weekends. It will also establish a broader residential population to support retail uses and heighten civic involvement in the future of Downtown. Significant new specialty uses such as a minor league baseball stadium and the renovated

Genesee Theatre will attract visitors from throughout Waukegan and the surrounding region. A vibrancy will be returned to the Downtown, restoring its historic character and uniqueness.

Town Square Drawing

Genesee Street Drawing

Sheridan Road Drawing

Downtown Drawing