Annexation of Property

If you are seeking to have property annexed into the City of Waukegan, this is completed pursuant to an annexation agreement. This will require a public hearing before the City Council. This public hearing will be required to be published in the local newspaper and a draft of the annexation agreement will have to be prepared for review and approval by the Waukegan City Council along with the application for annexation.

Prior to the annexation agreement being submitted, a pre-application meeting is required with staff from various departments, including the Planning and Zoning Department and the Engineering Department. The purpose of this pre-application meeting is to determine the feasibility of the annexation. Some issues to be addressed may include:

  1. Is there a development proposed at this site or is it an existing development? 
  2. What kind of impact will this annexation have on the City, if any?
  3. Is the subject property adjacent to the existing boundaries of the City of Waukegan? 
  4. Are there existing water and sanitary sewer facilities nearby? If not, how far away are they and is the applicant willing to pay for the extension of these utility lines? 
  5. Will any road improvements be necessary? 

These are just a few of the questions that would need to be addressed.

Said request for annexation pursuant to an annexation agreement will have to be submitted by the 8th of the month in order to be placed on the Committee of the Whole agenda for the following month. Depending on the annexation agreement's completeness and any concerns raised by staff and/or the alderman of the ward, the public hearing would take place either the first or third Monday of the following month at 6:45 PM. See below for links to the annexation application and a draft of our standard annexation agreement.

Annexation Application

Annexation Agreement (DRAFT)