Closing Letters and Zoning Certificates


A Closing letter is required for any transfer of real estate from one entity to another, regardless if the transfer is through a sale, bank, a gift, marriage, divorce, inheritance or a quit claim deed.  Without the closing letter, internally, the City will not have the accurate ownership for the real estate property. Closing Letters was a process that began in January 2014 by an adopted City Ordinance. Therefore, any sale on or after is subject to a closing letter.

A Zoning Certificate application is needed in addition to the closing letter, for the following:

  • 3 residential units or more
  • Commercial and residential combination
  • More details below*

Both applications may be submitted by any of the following parties:

Buyer or Seller, Previous owner or new owner, Buyers’ or sellers’ Attorney, Buyers’ or sellers’ Real Estate Agent, or a property representative.

Please allow a minimum of 15 business days to process and complete your closing letter request. Applicants are able to see live updates through the Maintstar user portal. An email notification will be sent to the applicant when the payoff statement and closing letter are completed.   Any and all requests for the expedition of a closing letter will not be accepted.

Closing Letters

Prior to closing on any real estate in Waukegan, the seller, buyer, or their agent shall obtain from the City a Closing Letter, which shall set forth all fees and charges due and owing the City.

Effective Tuesday, July 6th, 2022, the Closing Letter group will no longer accept applications via email/in-person/mail.

Here are instructions on how to sign up and apply for the Closing Letter application: 

To create a profile: 

Go to the Maintstar Portal
Click Apply For…
Select Create Account
Once the profile is created, sign in using the newly created credentials
Select the “My Profile” tab and scroll down to agree and set up your electronic signature. See picture for reference

To Submit a Closing Letter: 

Select the Apply Tab
Select Property Transfer
Select Closing Letter
Type in the address of the property and click next. *If the address does not come up click the “Please check here to continue if your Address/Parcel is not found and add it into Description field” and click next*
Acknowledge the Applicant’s name and click Next  (The applicant will receive updates and notifications)
Fill out all required fields on the application and click next

  • If the property address populated in the location tab type “N/A” in the Description Box
  • If the property address did not come up in the location tab use the Description Box to list the address/parcel

If you would like to upload a file associated with the closing letter application, you may at this step, but not mandatory Click next
Review the application and click submit

In this portal, you will be able to see the status of the application using the “Application Status” tab. Please note multiple applications can be submitted and tracked on your user profile.

Zoning Certificates (PDF)

Prior to entering into an agreement or contract to sell any property used for residential purposes and consisting of three or more apartments/rooming units, OR a combination of apartments and commercial/office space, the owner shall obtain from the City a Zoning Certificate. Said Zoning Certificate shall show the current zoning of the property, its authorized use, and its conforming, legal nonconforming, or illegal nonconforming status. The Zoning Certificate is required at all closings on the types of residential units aforementioned.

For Additional Questions ...

... concerning Closing Letters, the Maintstar Portal or Zoning Certificates, contact Licensing and Collections at 847-599-2505 or at  Do not contact the Planning & Zoning Department.