Administrative Division

The Administrative Division houses the offices of the Chief and Deputy Chiefs of Police as well as the Office of Professional Standards, Accreditation Services, and Special Projects.

Administrative Services Division

  • Complaint Processing
  • Event Notifications
  • Extra-Duty Police Services
  • Department Policy Information
  • Neighborhood Information
  • Crime Statistics

Substance Abuse Assistance

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the Federal Government offers assistance with getting started on the road to your recovery. Visit the Start Your Recovery website for more details and begin changing your life.

Illinois Concealed Carry Law

Citizens concerned with or seeking information regarding Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry law can visit the Firearms Services Bureau website to review the statute.

Business owners can go to Concealed Carry Signage (PDF) to print copies of the "NO CONCEALED CARRY" sign to place at EACH entrance to their establishment. Businesses whose primary purpose is to serve alcohol, hospitals, government buildings, schools, and other locations where concealed carry is prohibited by the law should still post signage to prevent confusion.

Please note that the Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act overrides Waukegan's authority granted by the Home Rule status and no City Ordinances shall override the Statute.