Wildland Fire Team

Firefighters putting out a wildfirePurpose

The Waukegan Fire Department Wild-land Firefighting Team was established for the purpose of providing the citizens of Lake County with enhanced wild-land firefighting capabilities.

Becoming a Member

To be an active member of this Lake County Specialized Response Team, members are required to complete four hours of annual classroom training; to include a Fire-line Refresher class, eight hours of annual field work, an annual pack test (walk three miles in under 45 minutes wearing a 45 pound pack), and successfully complete NWCG classes S-130, S-131 and S-190 upon application and acceptance onto the Team.

Gear & Equipment

This is a new Lake County Specialized Response Team, and details for federal deployment are being finalized. Gear and equipment for this Team was funded by an Illinois Department of Natural Resources grant. Personal protective equipment, a 4x4 ATV, chain saws, hand tools, a roll off container all were purchased with these funds.

The team completed a successful deployment drill and exercise with the ILDNR in November 2007 at Wilmington, Illinois.