Airport Rescue

Fire Truck Shooting WaterPurpose

Program Director - Lieutenant Steven Davis

The mission of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) is to respond in a timely manner to aircraft incidents, to rescue affected occupants, and to mitigate aircraft emergencies.

It is accomplished through the use of professionally trained ARFF Responders. This includes airport based ARFF, as well as any responders designated in the Airport's Emergency Plan (mutual aid), equipped with appropriate resources of firefighting agent, vehicles, and equipment.

Equipment Specifications

Vehicle lengthover 35'
Vehicle height9'4"
Weightover 66,000 pounds
Fuel tank capacity86 gallons
Turning radius110'
Water tank capacity3000 gallons
Foam tank capacity410 gallons of AFFF
Roof turret flow1200 gallons per minute
Roof turret reach270'
Other dischargesbumper turret, hand lines, three nozzles under the truck