Hazmat Team

Hazmat Team Handling MaterialPurpose

Program Manager - Lieutenant Rob Hutchison

Our Hazardous Materials Teams is committed to providing superior quality and professional service that is second to none for our public and neighboring cities. Combined efforts between Lake County Division 4/5 (MABAS) and Waukegan's Haz-mat team enables the city to protect and ensure the safety of life, environment and property to all its citizens.

Member Training

The dedication required by these recruits consists of a valuable pledge to be prepared, and protect the public with an extremely high level of protection. Our Technicians are exceptionally trained as follows:

  • 40 hours awareness level
  • 40 hours operation level
  • 40 hours technician A
  • 40 hours technician B


Since our inception 30 years ago hazardous material incidents have evolved and have increased there possibility to harm entire counties. Also, has this department's commitment to revolutionize our strategies.

From mitigation of minor fuel spills to Chemical/Biological attacks our technicians have the tools and knowledge to stand as a powerful line of defense.


Firefighters that established team:

  • Martin DeVault
  • John Nelson
  • Clarence Magnuson
  • Mike Hutchenson