Fire Extinguisher Program

Firefighter with Fire Extinguisher EquipmentStaff

  • Program Manager - Lieutenant Paul Dawson


The Waukegan Fire Department Fire Extinguisher Training Program has helped hundreds of everyday people learn to fight controlled, yet real, fires.

Employer Requirements

Employers that are required by the Federal Government to provide training for their employees on fire extinguishers and their use may find that this training will meet their needs.

Employers and organizations will benefit from the additional safety knowledge and experience their employees learn.

During Classes

During our class students learn how to choose the best type of fire extinguishing agent for extinguishing different type fires, the PASS method of operating an extinguisher, and other safety tips.

Our training classes are conducted from March through November, weather permitting.

Each class has an indoor video/discussion section and outdoor/practical session.

Practical Session

The fire trainer we use during our practical session is a Canadian-made-propane-fueled FTS Tudor, complete with remote ignition for that extra touch of safety.

More Information

If you would like more information on the cost and scheduling of our Fire Extinguisher Training for you or your organization, email Lieutenant Paul Dawson.