Bike Medics

Bike Medic


The Waukegan Fire Department Bike Medic Program was established for the purpose of providing the citizens and visitors of the City of Waukegan with enhanced emergency medical services during special events in the City where paramedics are needed to rapidly respond to emergency through crowded areas.

Certification Requirements

Members of the fire department volunteer for this program; however, all members are required to be certified as a paramedic. Members have been trained in bicycle safety and often work in conjunction with the Waukegan Police Department Bicycle Patrol unit.

Brief History

The program was created in 2001 to assist at special events. The bike medic unit provides a more rapid deployment of emergency medical services in crowded/congested areas.


Currently the Waukegan Fire Department Bike Medic Unit consists of two bicycles, which are equipped with a full compliment of ALS supplies capable of handling any type of emergency call. This tandem unit is actually certified as a non-transport rescue unit with the State of Illinois.