Civil Service Commission


The Civil Service Commission performs various personnel functions for positions and employees covered by the Civil Service Ordinance.  The Civil Service Commission certifies candidates for original appointment of entry-level Police Officers and Firefighters in accordance with the Civil Service Act, 65 ILCS 5/10-1-1 et seq.  The purpose of the Commission is to promote fair and equal treatment and equal opportunity under the law.


The Civil Service Commission Board is made up of seven (7) citizens, of five (5) voting members, and two (2) advisors.  The Secretary for the Commission shall be the City of Waukegan Human Resources Director.




One member of the Civil Service Commission shall be appointed for one year, two members for two years and two members for three years.  

Said Commission members shall serve for three (3) years and until their respective successors are appointed and qualify. Those holding office at the time of the effective date of this chapter shall continue in office until the expiration of the terms to which they have been appointed. In every year thereafter the Mayor shall, in like manner, appoint one person as the successor of the Commissioner whose term shall expire that year to serve as such Commissioner for three (3) years and until his/her successor is appointed and qualified. The Commission shall annually, on the first meeting of the year, elect a Chairman of the Commission.

Meeting Date


The Board regular meetings are scheduled for the first (1st) Tuesday of every other month at 5:30pm and held in the City’s Council Chambers located at City Hall. Please note that special meetings may be added to this schedule with proper notification under the (5 ILCS 12/) Open Meetings Act.

Meeting Dates for 2020:

February 4th
April 7th- Canceled
June 2nd- Canceled       
June 11th-Added
August 4th

September 17th-Added   October 6th- Canceled    October 22nd- Added   December 1st

Agendas and Meeting Minutes

Agendas and meeting minutes for the Civil Service Commission Board can be located by clicking on the link below.

Members & Term



Charles Perkey4/15/201912/31/2021
Hector Rodriguez Jr.7/2/201812/31/2019
Diane Verratti7/2/201812/31/2020