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Vision Statement

With integrity, dedication and innovation; and with the commitment to improve the knowledge and skills of our members – we will transmit this experience to become the model of services – Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire, Prevention, Technology and Education in Lake County.

Mission Statement

With honor, dedication, and pride, it shall be the mission of the Waukegan Fire Department to provide emergency response, education, prevention, and excellent quality service to the community we serve and to all who call upon us.

“Waukegan Fire Department (WFD) will exceed EXPECTATIONS!”

Core Values

To Our Community: We owe quality service to the citizens we serve, demonstrating integrity, courage, pride, and ethical behavior. We hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism, continually striving to provide excellent customer service.

To Our Fire Department: We owe the Waukegan Fire Department our full commitment and dedication. We look beyond our personal position to promote teamwork, our traditions, and the duty to continually be innovative to provide excellence in our service delivery.

To Each Other: We owe each other a working environment that prides itself on its diversity, and commitment to safety. Demonstrating an organization characterized by honor, bravery, mutual respect and cooperation with each other, and fostering open and honest communication at all levels.

Interested in becoming a firefighter?

Lake County Fire Chiefs shares Information on how to become a firefighter and steps including where to begin.