Design Review Guides

Waukegan is well known as a city with a high quality of life, small and cohesive neighborhoods, a vibrant downtown and waterfront – all within a spectacular setting on the shores of Lake Michigan. This deserving reputation is due in part to the City's small size, entrepreneurial spirit, civic-minded citizens and activist government. One of the many factors that makes Waukegan such a great place to live, work and visit is the community's attention to detail, and respect for it's setting, heritage and quality urban design.

Waukegan's Design Review process strives to protect the city's unique qualities and strong sense of place by carrying out citywide development and design objectives. The purpose of these Design Review Guides is to help applicants in preparing projects to be reviewed by the Development Review Board and the Waukegan Planning & Zoning Commission. Through materials such as these, the Department of Planning & Zoning seeks to make information available well before the final design of a project; saving the applicant, and the city, time and money.