Lakefront Downtown Master Plan - A 21st Century Vision for Waukegan's Downtown and Lakefront

In 2003, Waukegan adopted a redevelopment Master Plan, A 21st Century Vision for Waukegan's Downtown and Lakefront. The Plan, developed by the internationally-renowned architectural and planning firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, lays out the planning and action steps for realizing the Waukegan community's vision of a revitalized lakefront and downtown. It calls for:

  • Downtown Waukegan to return to its roots as a vibrant city center, a place for jobs, shopping, entertainment and urban living
  • The South Lakefront, the Harborfront and North Harbor to become home to new waterfront neighborhoods.
  • The North Lakefront to become an international model for environmental and ecological restoration.
  • The transformation of Waukegan's lakefront and downtown, which will signal a broader transformation of the City and its place in the region.

With the redevelopment of Waukegan's downtown and lakefront well underway, there is lots of exciting information about new businesses and developments.

The Lakefront Downtown Master Plan is intended to be used by City departments, other public agencies, the development community and the residents of Waukegan as a vision for the future and a guide to action. The summary is organized to address Waukegan's place in the region and the city of Waukegan first. Access, open space and development recommendations are offered.

To help facilitate the review for development within the Downtown and Lakefront, an overlay district was created for the Downtown and Lakefront which can be viewed at the following links below:

Downtown/Lakefront Overlay District Ordinance

Amendment to the Downtown/Lakefront Overlay District Ordinance

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