Public Works


Public Works is comprised of a number of city departments responsible for specific maintenance functions in city right-of-ways.

Work Request

Public Works has online capabilities for you to submit a Work Request 24/7, rather than only through a telephone call during business.

Street Department

The Street Department is responsible for items such as:

  • Maintaining storm sewers / drainage ways
  • Roadside mowing
  • Snow removal
  • Street cleaning
  • Street patching
  • Street signs and markings
  • Turf restoration

Forestry Department

The Forestry Department is responsible for the care of parkway trees, including trimming, removal and new plantings.

Electrical Department

The Electrical Department is responsible for city-owned traffic signals and street lights.

While ComEd completes yearly inspection of trees near power lines, if you require assistance with removing or trimming trees near ComEd energy equipment, residents have the opportunity to fill out ComEd's work order request directly. 

Curbside Leaf Collection

Unbagged leaf collection takes place in the Fall of the year. Guidelines listing wards and dates are made available generally in October.  LRS collects bagged yard waste from March 15th through December 15th. Additional information is here.

Tree Removal Permit

Tree removal is covered in Tree & Shrubberies - General Provisions in the City Ordinance.  The Application for a Tree Removal Permit is available 24/7. The approval process takes approximately 14 business days.

Garbage Collection Holidays

When a holiday falls on Sunday through Friday, the scheduled pickup will be delayed by one day.  If a holiday falls on Saturday, the scheduled pickup day will not be delayed.  Download the list of holidays.

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day


The City of Waukegan Adopt-a-Road program lets individuals and community groups adopt portions of streets and roads to assist with litter control.  Participating individuals and groups agree to adopt the location for two years. Waukegan Public Works will provide garbage bags and will remove filled garbage bags after collection.  Complete the application to Adopt-a-Road.

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