Tree Care

We want our Urban Forest to thrive! Help us maintain and grow our Urban Forest by taking care of the trees on your property and planting more. 

Tree Selection

If you are thinking of planting trees on your property, make sure you are selecting a species that makes sense for your area. We recommend taking a look at trees on the Morton Arboretum's Northern Illinois Tree Species List for ideas. Avoid planting trees susceptible to diseases and pests.

Tree Planting

The initial planting of a tree is vital for the future health and growth of your tree. Take a look at the Morton Arboretum's Plant Care Clinic's resources on planting. You can learn about best planting procedures, times of year to plant, drainage and how to water, and more. The Morton Arboretum has resources in both Spanish and English. 

Invasive Plants and Pests

Help stop the spread of invasive pests.

  • Be aware of pests that might be a threat in the area and cooperate with any regulations or quarantines in affect. 
  • Purchase certified, pest-fee nursery products whenever possible. 
  • Avoid walking through areas of non-native invasive plants and pests to avoid spreading them. 
  • Report any invasive pest sightings to the Illinois Department of Agriculture, local land manager, local USDA APHIS office, or the Plant Clinic at the Morton Arboretum. 
  • Don't move firewood. Buy or use firewood close to your home or campsite. 
  • Clean your boots, tires, gear, and equipment after working, hiking, or traveling to ensure you are not spreading seeds, insects, or spores to a new location. 

You can learn more about invasive plants and pests and what you can do to help prevent the spread here