Building Permits - Required for Solar Installations

Permits are required for all Solar Installations


Permit Procedure

  • Submit a Solar Permit Application to the Building Department.
  • All contractors must be registered, licensed and bonded accordingly.
  • Copy of the manufacturer’s specifications for the proposed equipment.
  • Copy of the plat of survey of the property indicating the proposed location of all equipment with detailed dimensions. Include distances from property lines, dwelling and any other structures. An elevation drawing showing the maximum height of proposed equipment must be submitted.
  • Copy of a detailed scope of work or contract.
  • Copy of a structural assessment report of the roof or wall mounted system stamped by an Illinois Registered Architect or Structural Engineer.

Solar Resources

Special Requirements

  • Solar energy system shall be for the use of the property on which the system is located except for reverse metering as allowed by the appropriate state and federal agencies.
  • If unused for a period of 90 consecutive days, all systems must be removed.
  • All roof and structure mounted equipment shall not exceed the applicable zoning district’s maximum height requirements for the principal structure.
  • All Solar Photovoltaic Systems are to be installed in compliance with the 2020 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) – NEC.
  • All Solar Photovoltaic Systems are to be installed in accordance with sections R324.6.1 through R324.6.2.1 listed in the 2021 International Residential Code (IRC) 
  • Must comply with all manufacturer’s specifications and structural calculations.
  • Projects are subject to the City of Waukegan Zoning Code regulations and may be subject to additional siting regulations upon review.


  • A rough electrical inspection is required with electrician onsite and panel covers removed.
  • A final inspection is required upon completion of work.
  • CALL 847-625-6868 to schedule your inspection