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Site Standards

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Content Development Notes
  • Font: Arial
  • Contact Information: ___________
  • Photo Border: Simple Border
  • Pages: 250 Elements: 1,125 (complete by Mach 15)
  • Project Manager: Kiereon
  • Senior Content Developer: Sara
  • Designer: ___________
  • Trainer: ___________ (training starts mm/dd)

Site Standards
The majority of the site standards CivicPlus uses are based on AP styles and standards. Any exceptions to AP were chosen for web usability and ADA compliance reasons.
  • 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 
  • Ph: xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • Fx: xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • St., Ave., and Blvd. (no other street identifiers) are always abbreviated unless used in a paragraph
  • First through Ninth will be spelled out and capitalized when used as street names and figures with two letters will be used for 10th and above (ex: 7 Fifth Ave. or 100 21st St.)
  • Email addresses will be used via mailto: links; the name of the person (or department) will be the name of the link
  • All areas will be alphabetized (menu structure, lists in the content area, staff directory, etc.)
  • The words “city," "county," or "town" are never capitalized unless they are stated in that entity’s proper name (ex: “the City of Manhattan” or “the city”)
  • Job titles are not capitalized unless they precede a name (ex: "Mayor John Doe" or "The mayor holds meetings")
  • Avoid using the terms click here and under construction or using all caps unless it is an acronym
  • The “&” sign will be used in headlines and subheads, but within the content area "and" will be used
  • Serial commas will be used at the end of a series of items (ex: houses, trailers, and boats)
  • The “%” symbol will be used in place of the word percent
  • Hyperlinks to for-profit entities must be approved
  • Hyperlinks will open in a new window unless the link is to another page on this site
  • Clip-art is not allowed unless approved by the website administrator
  • Only use underline for hyperlinks