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Stakeholder Participation Panel (SPP)

City of Waukegan

Community Development Block Grant

Stakeholder Participation Panel

The City of Waukegan Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) office is seeking applicants to serve on its Stakeholder Participation Panel (SPP).  Interested applicants should complete an application and submit it to City of Waukegan CDBG, 100 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue - 3rd Floor, Waukegan, IL  60085.  The application must have original signatures.

What is a Stakeholder Participation Panel?
The SPP is a diverse group of Waukegan residents, some of them also representing local agencies or businesses, who are interested in participating in the CDBG planning process.  The panel as a whole is intended to be representative of various neighborhoods and issues.

How does someone join the SPP?
Interested applicants should complete an application (available from the CDBG office or online) and submit it by the deadline date.  Applicants are self-nominating, which means you can submit your own application and don't have to be nominated by another person.  Applications will be reviewed by CDBG staff, current members of the SPP, and the Mayor.  The new panel members will be recommended to City Council for approval.  The approved applicants will be selected for the SPP.

What are the requirements of the SPP?

Members of the SPP must be residents of Waukegan for at least one year before completing an application.  Terms of service are two years, but the term can be extended.  Members must be willing and able to contribute the time necessary for performance of the functions of the SPP.  The SPP meets as necessary depending on need, particularly during the funding cycle.  Members are expected to participate in the meetings and may be removed for non-attendance.

What are the functions of the SPP?
The SPP serves as an extension of the Community Development Block Grant office.  Members of the SPP co-host public hearings, they help staff in the development of the Consolidated Plan, specifically with assessing and identifying housing and community development assets and needs throughout the community, and they help review applications for funding and make recommendations about allocation of resources.  They serve as additional points of contact for Waukegan's citizens and they advise and assist CDBG staff as appropriate.

What if I have questions?
Questions can be addressed to the CDBG staff.  The address is:  City of Waukegan CDBG, 100 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue - 3rd Floor, Waukegan, IL  60085.  Phone numbers: Office Line 847-599-2530:  Facsimile 847-360-9028.

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