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Closing Letters and Zoning Certificates
Closing Letters
Prior to closing on any real estate in Waukegan, the seller, buyer, or their agent shall obtain from the City a Closing Letter, which shall set forth all fees and charges due and owing the City.

Zoning Certificates
Prior to entering into an agreement or contract to sell any property used for residential purposes and consisting of three or more apartments/rooming units, OR a combination of apartments and commercial/office space, the owner shall obtain from the City a Zoning Certificate. Said Zoning Certificate shall show the current zoning of the property, its authorized use, and its conforming, legal nonconforming, or illegal nonconforming status. The Zoning Certificate is required at all closings on the types of residential units aforementioned.

For Additional Questions..
...concerning Closing Letters or Zoning Certificates, please contact Licensing and Collections at (847) 599-2505. Please do not contact the Planning and Zoning Department.