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Recycling Tips

Recycling, Yard Waste and Garbage Collection Program  

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The City of Waukegan contracts refuse collection with a private disposal company. Under the current terms of the contract, the contractor (Advanced Disposal) agrees to collect all residential garbage, yard waste, and recyclables once per week. Several bulk items such as furniture and carpeting may be placed next to the standard trash cart at the curb for regular weekly pickup. The containers should be located within ten feet of the curb or alley. Refuse should be placed at the curb no earlier than 5 p.m. the night preceding collection. All collection cans must be removed from the curb by 6 p.m. the evening of collection.

64-Gallon Recycling Carts
All residential households receive one 64-gallon recycling cart.  All recycling materials must be placed inside of the cart.  Please do not leave any items outside the cart.  All recycling items can still be mixed together inside of the cart.  .   

The body of your new recycling cart is Gray in color and it has a Blue lid. The Advanced Disposal logo is printed on each side of the cart.  Height 54”, Width 24”, weight limit 225 lbs.   

The 64-Gallon Carts are for Recycling Items Only!  PLEASE  DO NOT USE THEM FOR TRASH.   

Acceptable Recycling Items
Please see the enclosed separate sheet that lists all acceptable recycling items.  The list of items has not changed.  It includes the same items that you are currently recycling.  All recycling items can be mixed together inside the cart.

Unacceptable Items
Carts that are contaminated with excessive garbage, trash, or non-recycling items will be tagged with a note or sticker and will not be collected until the following week, after the unacceptable items have been removed.

Recycling Cart Collection Location
Please place your cart within 2 (two) feet of the curb or street in front of your home. The lid hinge should always face towards your house and the small metal bar in the front of the cart should always face towards the street.  The recycling collection truck will be using semi-automated equipment so it is very important that the carts are set out in this manner.

Please place the cart as far away as possible from CARS, MAILBOXES, LIGHT POSTS, LARGE BUSHES, and anything else that may be near the street or on the parkway in front of your home.  The semi-automated collection truck arm and equipment may not be able to reach your cart and empty it if it is blocked by these items.  The cart should be placed in a clear area.      

Additional Recycling Carts & Larger Carts
Residents may lease an additional recycling cart by calling Advanced Disposal.  A rental fee of $37.00 per cart, per year, will be charged directly to the resident. Beginning in 2014, but only in the month of June, residents will also be able to upsize from the 64-gallon cart to a 96-gallon recycling cart.  Residents can request an upsize one time only at no extra charge.  If a resident chooses to switch back to the smaller cart the following June, a $20 service fee will be charged. 

Yard Waste Program
The yard waste season runs from March 15 to December 15 each year.
Under the new program, residents will be charged directly for all yard waste services.  The City of Waukegan is no longer paying for unlimited yard waste service.  Residents can select either one of the following services.  Each service is for once-a-week yard waste collection, collected on the same day as your trash service.

1. Pay per Bag /Sticker System:  Yard Waste stickers will be available for purchase at several store locations throughout Waukegan at $2.45 per sticker.  The retailer list for stickers includes: Ace Hardware, Jewel Foods, and Walgreens.  Residents will need to affix one sticker to each “Kraft” style paper bag or 33-gallon container.  The sticker is good for one pick-up only.

Customer Seasonal Subscription:  Residents can subscribe with Advanced Disposal for $135.25 for the yard waste season.  Once per week service includes up to (10) “Kraft” paper bags or cans not to exceed 33-gallons in size.  More than (10) items will require a sticker.

If you are using a 33-gallon container, please clearly mark the container YARD WASTE ONLY. Branches and twigs with a maximum diameter of two (2”) inches must be bundled and tied with string.  Bundles must be five (5’) feet or less and weigh no more than 50 pounds.  Please place bundles in the same area as your trash container.  Sod, dirt, and rocks are not considered yard waste items and should be included with your regular trash.  Christmas Trees will be collected for one month after Christmas from December 26 until January 25. 

Regular Trash Collection Program
The Trash collection program has not changed.  Service includes once-per-week collection and is billed to the resident through the City’s property tax and water bill.  Residents should continue using their 96-gallon container and all trash must be placed inside the container in order to be picked up.  Please keep all container lids closed.  Each resident is also allowed (2) bulk items for pick-up outside of the trash cart at no additional charge. Bulk items include small furniture and fixtures and must weigh less than 50 pounds each so that one person can lift it into the truck.  Carpeting must be rolled, tied, or bundled, and be less than five (5’) feet in length.  

Optional Subscription Service
Residents needing more than one 96-gallon cart can purchase an annual trash sticker for $37 for each additional cart by calling Advanced Disposal Customer Service (847-623-3870).  The sticker is good for one calendar year.  The trash sticker needs to be affixed to the additional cart so that the driver can identify it.  The sticker color will change for each new year.  The additional cart will be provided by Advanced Disposal.  Residents will be charged a $20 service fee if they change to or from the optional subscription service more than one time.

Extra Trash / Bulk Items / Building Materials
Extra pick-ups must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance by calling Advanced Disposal directly (847-623-3870).  This would include all additional items that do not fit inside the cart, exceed the limit of 2 bulk items, or that weigh more than 50 pounds each.  Residents will be charged directly a rate of $20 per cubic yard.
Missing Carts
The City and Advanced Disposal will NOT replace missing or stolen carts, or broken carts due to overloading.  Residents will need to purchase a replacement cart for $65.  Broken carts due to normal wear and tear will be exchanged by Advanced Disposal at no charge.          

Garbage Collection Holidays
Whenever a holiday falls on a day during the week, the scheduled pickup day is always going to be delayed by one day. 
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Common Recycling Tips

  • Plastics marked with a recyclable logo including beverage bottles and laundry bottles. Caps must be removed from plastic bottles.
  • Aluminum food and beverage cans, formed aluminum containers (e.g., frozen food trays) and aluminum foil.
  • Bi-metal such as tin food and beverage containers.
  • Glass such as clear and colored bottles. Caps must be removed from glass bottles.
  • Cardboard such as corrugated cardboard, chipboard and paperboard (e.g. cereal boxes, snack boxes). Large cardboard boxes must be flattened, bundled, and broken down into 3 foot square sections to fit into the recycling truck. Wax-coated cardboard is not acceptable.
  • Newspapers and Paper such as magazines, telephone books, catalogs, computer paper, stationery, envelopes, greeting cards, and brown paper bags (residents are encouraged to place these in a paper bag or keep in one section of the bin).

For more info:
Advanced Disposal - Waukegan
2230 Ernie Krueger Cir.
Waukegan, IL 60087
Ph 847-623-3870
Fax 847-623-9417